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DSL Studios brings experienced and professional engineering and production to every session.  We are confident we will exceed your expectations for sound quality and the vibe and feeling of the recording experience.  With creative ideas and enthusiasm, we help artists get their best performance technically and artistically.  We will work with you to guide your project from the planning stages to a fully realized master recording.

 We accommodate all musical genres and recording scenarios including solo performance, full bands, singer/songwriters, acoustic ensembles, voice-overs and sound design.  The facility features 2 spacious tracking rooms, 2 amp booths, and a large control room.  The rooms were specially designed using “golden” dimensions and benefit from acoustic treatments specified by renowned acoustic designer Gavin Haverstick.  A Pro Tools HDX digital audio workstation loaded with a vast selection of plug-ins is complimented by an extensive collection of high-quality microphones and analog hardware outboard gear.

At DSL Recording Studios you will find a superior creative environment and knowledgeable professionals eager to assist you in taking your sound to the highest level.  Our resources also include top session players and singers for all genres of music who can perform on your tracks if desired.

We are passionate about making music, quality sound, and taking care of all the details.  Our experience and technical expertise during recording, mixing, and mastering will ensure you get the results you are looking for. 

We understand and enjoy working with diverse musical genres. We produce music in all styles including rock, hip-hop, pop, jazz, classical, gospel, country, blues, EDM, and more. Your music may be a blend of styles or defy categorization. 

We work with you to realize your creative expression. 

R&B or metal, southern gospel or techno, bluegrass or rap, world music or experimental.

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Hours:  By appointment to suit your schedule Call us today for a personal tour, rate info, or any other questions. 502.499.2102